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Origins Collection: 1020 carbonized NFTs dropping on November 28

What’s Coming Next For Likvidi

Decentralized carbon markets are taking off… and Likvidi is ready to take a leading role.

Take a look at what we’ve got planned for the year ahead to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

#1 V1 Carbon Platform

Ever bought a carbon credit before? Unless you work for a large company, the chances are… probably not. Up to now, buying carbon credits has involved working through a broker to help you navigate the disparate and confusing Voluntary Carbon Market, but we’re going to change that.

Our first move will be to launch V1 of our carbon platform. The platform, called Carbonstore, and will be the primary venue for buying our LCO2 carbon credits. LCO2 are high-quality credits verified by the leading authority, Verra, with no credit being older than six years.

All you’ll need to buy LCO2 is your debit card or Apple Pay, as we’ve partnered with Wyre to make it as easy as possible for regular investors to get involved.

But it’s not just investors we want to serve. We’re going to help people personally account for their carbon emissions through carbon offsets. The platform is just weeks away from launch and will feature our first carbonized NFTs that will contain bundles of credits to help you easily offset your carbon emissions for a year. Display your carbonized NFT pfp-style and prove you’re willing to take action to keep your life carbon neutral.

#2 V1 Carbon DEX

Is our LCO2 carbon credit the only game in town? Of course not.

The Voluntary Carbon Market has always been fragmented and inefficient, but we’re going to change that when we launch the world’s first decentralized exchange for carbon credits.

The Carbon DEX will be a one-stop-shop that brings different tokenized carbon credits under one roof for buying, selling, and retiring. That means you’ll not only be able to support Likvidi green projects by buying LCO2, but you’ll also have access to other projects from around the globe.

Just like elsewhere in the crypto world, you’ll be able to earn returns on growing your assets, but unlike most blockchain projects the Carbon DEX offers functionality for those looking to offset their carbon emissions. Holders of LCO2 will have the option of ‘retiring’ their credits. This means the emissions stored in their credit are permanently spent and the credit is removed from circulation, storing the carbon.

#3 $LIKK Token Launch

Once our MVP products are live, our next step will be to launch the $LIKK token. We’ve partnered with DAO Maker and Avalanche’s Trader Joe to make this happen and we can’t wait to give you the chance to support our native token.

$LIKK will drive the whole Likvidi ecosystem forward and gives holders privileges like a +20% bonus when buying carbon credits and the ability to stake through NFTrade for rewards.

And if you’re worried about crypto-emissions, don’t be. We run on Avalanche, a protocol that uses just 0.0005% of the energy that Bitcoin does.

#4 Carbon Credit Scanner

The fantastic thing about tokenized carbon credits is that each token is connected to a real-world project helping to combat climate change. We want our users to feel connected to the projects they support, so we’re making it as easy as possible to access the details about what each credit is doing on the ground.

Our Carbon Credit Scanner will enable users to scan their credits and discover important information like:

  • Credit price
  • Project description
  • Project location
  • Project duration
  • Which SDGs are affected
  • Total CO2 being captured
  • How many credits have been issued
  • How many are in circulation
  • Transaction history

Unlike other crypto assets, it’s easy to understand what you’re buying when it comes to tokenized carbon credits. The unrivalled transparency offered by blockchain also helps to ensure quality control and prevent double-counting of credits.

#5 Carbon Calculator

We want to give our users total confidence that they’re accurately accounting for their emissions. So, together with our partners at Cambridge University we’re adapting the carbon emissions calculation software developed by Berkeley University to a European context.

Ultimately, this will give our users the knowledge they need to accurately offset their carbon emissions and fight climate change.

Strap In!

It’s going to be one wild ride. Join us on Telegram and now Discord to stay up to date on the latest news.

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