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The climate fightback starts here: with the launch of Carbonstore!


Be part of something unprecedented…Carbonstore is one of the world’s first platforms dedicated entirely to tokenized carbon credits, and it’s nearly ready for lift-off.

To mark this momentous occasion we are dropping a collection of NFTs. The Origins Collection will be the first product offered on Carbonstore this June. Each NFT will be backed by carbon credits, enabling the protection and regeneration of threatened habitats and species on our planet.

We can all do our bit to reduce our environmental impact. But carbonized NFTs are about to greatly level up our ability to repair our planet.

To find out what we mean, read on…

You know that planet you’re living on?

Well… it’s in trouble.

But you already knew that. The question is… what can you do about it?

Turning off lights, recycling, going plastic-free, driving electric vehicles and boycotting evil corporations… they all make a difference. But is it enough?

We know people want to do more. And that’s why we’ve created the Origins Collection. This is the first NFT project that allows people to offset their carbon emissions for 2022 by supporting carbon removal projects from around the world. Whether you’re in Bangkok, Buenos Aires, or Bristol, you have the chance to join this project at the ground floor.

As varied and unique as the animal kingdom

Unique artwork is a collaboration between Artist and AI.

The Origins Collection depicts animals, and there’s a reason for that. When you buy a carbonized NFT, you are supporting forestry and conservation projects that help protect wildlife and allow it to thrive.

Just as nature never does exactly the same thing twice, our NFTs are as unique as the creatures we share our planet with. Our artwork is a collaboration between real artists and AI to generate original artwork, meaning no one will ever have the same NFT as you.

The most enthusiastic climate champions will be rewarded with the rarest tokens. At the head of the pack, those who claim our 15 credit bundles will receive one of a collection of just 120 animal-themed NFTs, Next in the pecking order, our 10 credit bundles will be limited to 360. And finally, the 5 credit bundle will have a supply of 540.

Once your NFT has been minted, the carbon stored in that NFT is offset, reducing our overall carbon footprint and slowing global warming.

It’s something worth shouting about… And you can! You’ll be able to show off your NFT on social media… Or you can keep it in your wallet.

Support projects at the frontline of climate change

When you buy a carbonized NFT you are supporting one of our Verra-verified projects that certifiably removes carbon from the atmosphere. From rainforests to swamp lands, the Likvidi community will power the regeneration of rare species and habitats.

NFTs in the Origins Collection are connected to real projects that target a range UN Sustainable Development Goals. You will be able to see the project that your NFT supports within the Carbonstore platform and we will be releasing details of which projects we are supporting over the coming days so stay tuned.

We Need YOU! To join the fight against climate change

For all the monkey-themed NFTs out there, one thing we never want to see is ExtinctApes. Luckily for the planet, on-chain carbon credits are about to boom.

If you want to be part of the most meaningful NFT journey, join our community on Telegram or Discord and be the first to hear about new collections and drops.

It’s not just about going to the moon, it’s about looking after what’s down below.

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