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Origins Collection: 1020 carbonized NFTs dropping on November 28

Offset your carbon emissions

with tokenized carbon credits, forwards and NFTs

Let’s go

Nature-based carbon credits from leading conservation projects.

Offset your carbon emissions with credits that support some of the world’s most fragile habitats.

High quality third-party verified credits

Tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain

Instant settlement and low fees

Meets a range of SDGs

Help regenerate & restore the planet

NEW Carbon yield NFTs
featuring unique ai artwork

  • Stake NFTs to yield FREE carbon credits
  • Offset your carbon footprint for 2022
  • Collect all 9 animals sheltered by our chosen conservation projects
  • Join our Originators club and get exclusive benefits.
Likvidi contributes to achieving global
sustainability goals
12 RCP
13 CA
15 LL