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Likvidi marketplace offers high quality carbon credits to achieve your climate goals.

Built on


What we offer

Primary Market

Buy project specific carbon credits, carbon forwards and NFTs

Secondary Market

Secondary market trading for pooled credits and carbon forwards

Likvidi Wallet & Fiat On-ramp

Easy onboarding for individuals and companies

Offsetting Station

Retire carbon credits to offset your personal or company’s carbon footprint

Staking Station

Stake NFTs and Likvidi’s LIKK utility token and earn carbon credits

Personal Impact Profile

Inspire others by sharing your offsetting record and support for carbon projects

Trade the carbon markets with Likvidi’s Carbon Exchange

Join the world’s first dedicated decentralized carbon exchange and discover liquid carbon credits.

  • Spot trade LCO2 carbon credits and carbon forwards
  • Order book model exchange with instant settlements on-chain
  • Built on Polygon for fast and seamless experience

LCO2 pooled carbon credits


Renewing Pool

When LCO2 gets offsetted, the oldest credits are removed from the pool, keeping it constantly up-to-date

Reducing Risk

One LCO2 is composed of units from multiple carbon projects, reducing the risk and exposure for the client


Pooling together different projects increases liquidity for carbon credits and facilitates the growth of carbon markets


All carbon credits included in the LCO2 pool are authenticated by a third party verifier and reviewed by the Likvidi team


Emission reductions from the carbon projects would not have been possible without the funding from the carbon credits

High Integrity

Pool’s data is publicly available on blockchain, including the credit volumes issued and retired

Likvidi Wallet

Easy-to-use and secure crypto wallet for tokenized carbon assets

Built-in solution on Likvidi Marketplace to easily manage carbon credits, forwards, NFTs and stablecoins.’

Security built with Fireblocks Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology to ensure that users’ funds are always safe

LIKK Token

World’s first utility token that, when staked, earns carbon credits, helping the token holder to become carbon neutral

LIKK’s main utility is staking, which represents a unique combination of carbon credits (LCO2) and LIKK tokens as rewards

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The Likvidi Marketplace features a wide range of utility NFTs, each with their own unique functionality and purpose.

  • Carbon-yielding NFTs
  • Carbon credits and forwards bundled as NFTs
  • Offsetting certificates as non-transferable NFTs
  • Impact Profiles with dynamic NFTs
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