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Likvidi Launches Digital Carbon Credit Trading Platform

Announcing $LIKK

Likvidi Launches Digital Carbon Credit Trading Platform

Likvidi’s carbon credit distributed ledger platform will provide a new mechanism for companies to offset their carbon footprint

Helsinki, Wednesday 9th March 2022: Likvidi, a sustainable finance company, announces the launch of its carbon trading platform and carbon credits. The ‘Liquid Carbon Credit’ (LCO2) is a tokenized carbon credit designed to be traded at high liquidity on Likvidi’s own platform and on other blockchain-based exchanges and platforms. LCO2 is a real-world digital asset, with each credit equivalent to one tonne of carbon removed from the atmosphere. This gives the holder the ability to buy, trade, and offset carbon credits to achieve net-zero status.

The COP26 environmental summit in 2021 and the Paris Climate Accords have raised awareness of climate issues and increased pressure on companies to reduce their carbon footprint, including use of voluntary carbon credits. The market is currently fragmented and cumbersome, while the carbon credits are illiquid and variable in quality. The LCO2 features include transparent origin, audit trail and instant trading, via the Likvidi platform.

Likvidi’s blockchain-based solution uses Verra-registered carbon credits from regenerative projects, including agriculture and forestry, opening up a new income stream for farmers and forest administrators. LCO2 can be used to offset a company’s carbon footprint by retiring the tokens. The Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) was worth $1 billion in 2021 and is predicted to be valued at $100bn by 2050 –  a growth of 100 fold. [1]

Likvidi is partnering with DAO Maker for its launch, due to their strong track record of supporting blockchain-based startups and a shared vision for accelerated carbon markets. Likvidi has selected Avalanche’s decentralised, sustainable, blockchain that has an energy footprint of just 0.0028% that of the Ethereum network.

The Likvidi leadership team has a strong track record in the blockchain space. CEO Ransu Salovaara co-founded the blockchain advisory TokenMarket and launched Europe’s first exchange traded instrument, BitcoinETI. His Likvidi co-founder Tuomas Siltala was previously Director at Scandinavian investment bank Pareto Securities and co-founded an FSA regulated investment bank – Privanet Securities Oy.

Likvidi CEO and Co-Founder Ransu Salovaara commented: “The world is now waking up to the challenge of reducing carbon emissions. Governments alone won’t achieve this, so private companies must follow the examples of Microsoft and Google in going carbon neutral. Likvidi will enable companies to securely and transparently trade carbon credits, to offset carbon emissions and to incentivise them to sponsor the protection of our vital ecosystems.”

Media contact:

Rebecca Spencer

Finch PR


M: +44 (0)7476 102531

About Likvidi

Likvidi is a decentralised sustainable finance ecosystem for entrepreneurs, growth companies, experts and investors who are looking to fight climate change with sustainable development. Its objective is to provide a green finance platform, trading and managing defi-compatible tokenized credits.

About the Likvidi Directors

Ransu Salovaara is the CEO and a co-founder of Likvidi. Ransu also co-founded TokenMarket, a European based blockchain advisory company that has assisted over 30 startups raising a total of 300M USD via token offerings. He launched Europe’s first exchange traded instrument, BitcoinETI, that was listed on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange and Frankfurt Xetra Exchange. Previously, Ransu worked in financial markets as the Head of European Trading for Urram Investments in London, which focused on high-yield corporate bonds.

Tuomas Siltala, a founding partner of Likvidi, was a VP at Finn Fleet Maritime. He was also the Director at Pareto Securities, a Scandinavian investment bank. Tuomas co-founded an FSA regulated investment private bank – Privanet Securities Oy and worked as a vice president of Nasdaq/OMX Helsinki Exchanges.

[1] McKinsey “A blueprint for scaling voluntary carbon markets to meet the climate challenge” 29 2021

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