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Likvidi collaborates with 330ai for AI-powered artwork

Tree Frog, Origins Collection of carbon-backed NFTs

Our Origins Collection of carbon-backed NFTs is dropping soon! That means joining the climate fightback is about to become easier than ever before.

We’ve thought long and hard about what artwork would encapsulate our mission most powerfully… and 330ai has emerged as the perfect partner.

330ai are exploring the frontier of AI and deep learning algorithms to create unique imagery and we are excited to join them on this journey. Our Origins Collection will feature animal illustrations remixed by 330ai to create artwork that is as varied as nature itself.

To find out how our collaboration will work, read on…

As Varied and Unique as the Animal Kingdom

Clouded Leopard, Origins Collection of carbon-backed NFTs

The Origins Collection is itself a union between organic and digital worlds. The purchase of our carbon-backed NFTs offsets actual CO2, in the form of carbon credits, keeping it out of the atmosphere for the benefit of our climate. In return you get a unique NFT that is proof of offset which you can wear as a pfp. In doing so your are also supporting projects on the ground that are sheltering rare species and habitats.

We chose 330ai’s artwork because it, too, is a partnership between digital and organic worlds. Our illustrator Nidresh Shrestha has rendered 9 polygonal animals to be used as the source material to create different iterations of his artworks.

This combination of human creativity, machine learning image generation, and natural language processing technology has been instrumental in building these creations.

Shrestha commented, ‘330ai has developed this amazing ability to produce extremely crystalline images and to find vibrant colour combinations that are beyond what I would conceive of, giving the illustrations a brand new mood, every time’

Just as in nature, 330ai creates something slightly different with each iteration, allowing a natural evolution that mimics the organic world.


How Does It Work?

Let’s start from the beginning. And apologies, this might get a little technical.

The first step is for the model to look at millions of images and captions, learning which words match which images.

A picture of a red ball matches the word “red ball”, and so on. But what happens when something that looks similar, like a red apple, appears? This is where deep learning comes in.

An example of a computer generated-image from the phrase “throwing a red ball”. Source: Dall-E mini

The algorithm has to go further than simple parameters like colour and shape. New variables like “shininess” or “bendiness” must be created. It has to create thousands of variables to describe and categorise shapes, objects, and styles contained within images.

An AI-generated image of “multidimensional latent space”. Source: Youtube

The result is a multidimensional matrix of countless variables, most of which we can’t even conceptualise. Each point on this matrix then corresponds to an approximate image, which can be reached through the correct textual input.

An example of a computer-generated image from the phrase “Van Gogh beach scene”. Source: Dall-E mini

To create the image, the model then goes back and forth hundreds of times creating the image, analysing it for errors, then recreating it, until a near-perfect match is created, and it does this all within a few seconds! This is the basic process that most generative models follow for image creation.

Bringing AI and Human Creativity Together

Jaguar, Origins Collection of carbon-backed NFTs

Our Origins Collections images are created similarly. Illustrator Nidresh Shrestha’s artwork acts as the training images for the AI. 330ai artists then tweak and alter the textual inputs to create new and interesting designs based off of those originals.

Here’s what Likvidi’s CEO Ransu Salovaara had to say:

‘330ai are testing entirely new ways of working for the creative industries and we are excited to be joining them on that adventure, at the very beginning. With 330ai we aim to surprise and delight our audience and we hope to inspire people to take action against climate change.’


Don’t Miss The Origins Collection

The Origins Collection is our first carbon-backed NFT collection dropping at the end of this month, making it possible for anyone in the world to accurately and easily offset their emissions just by purchasing an NFT. We’re putting the power of positive action at the fingertips of today’s climate champions.

Once you’ve bought your NFT, the carbon credits are retired, never to be released again, and you’ll receive an NFT proving that you’re carbon neutral. You can then use your NFT anywhere in Web 3, whether that’s as a display picture or an item in the metaverse.

To make sure that you don’t miss out when the Origins Collection drops, stay up to date with Likvidi by following our Discord or Telegram.

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Likvidi collaborates with 330ai for AI-powered artwork

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