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Origins Collection: 1020 carbonized NFTs dropping on November 28
Power up with LIKK token

Holders get more, first!

Enjoy priority access, discounted products and exclusive features when you hold LIKK tokens. LIKK is the internal currency and utility token of the Likvidi carbon platform and СarbonDEX.

LIKK Token coming soon

Launching on DAO Maker, trading on Binance smart chain

The carbon markets are coming to DeFi. Get ready.

The biggest growth sector of the decade is about to hit the DeFi markets as every government, company and individual rushes to tackle global warming. But the only way to accelerate the market at a meaningful rate is to move carbon credits on-chain.

Likvidi’s end-to-end carbon platform creates a voluntary carbon market that is:

  • accessible
  • streamlined
  • fast
  • transparent
  • composable
  • global
  • trusted
  • valuable
  • innovative
  • web3 compatible
  • low impact

A new economy is forming around carbon. Take your stake in the action with LIKK and get priority and power in the Likvidi ecosystem.

Staking rewards

Earn your share of Likvidi platform fees by staking your LIKK. 20% of fees are proportionally rewarded to stakers. Rewards generated are compounded into the stake, to boost your earnings and reduce circulating supply.

More LIKK holder benefits

Bonus carbon credits

Get up to 20% bonus Likvidi Carbon credits [LCO2] when purchasing new credits directly from Likvidi. $100 of carbon credits becomes up to $120 worth when you trade in your LIKK. *

*10 LIKK per LCO2


Exclusive access to discounted NFT’s

Get priority access to new, limited edition NFT’s and enjoy discounts on selected collections when you stake your LIKK with Likvidi.


Capped, deflationary supply

No tokens are minted beyond the TGE. Likvidi strategically and frequently remove tokens from circulating supply.