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LIKK, powering the sustainable

DeFi movement

Likvidi Tokens make green finance go further. LIKK is the utility token which powers Likvidi ecosystem and grants benefits to Likvidi users.

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The LIKK token is coming soon
Launching on DAO Maker, trading on Avalanche blockchain
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With LIKK you get

Bonus carbon credits

LIKK holders get up to 20%  bonus Likvidi Carbon credits [LCO2] when purchasing new credits directly from Likvidi. $100 of carbon credits becomes up to $120 worth when you trade in your LIKK. *

*10 LIKK per LCO2

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Staking rewards

Earn your share of Likvidi platform fees by staking your LIKK. 20% of fees are proportionally rewarded to the stakers. Rewards generated are compounded into the stake, to boost your earnings and reduce circulating supply.


Capped, deflationary supply

No tokens are minted beyond the TGE. Likvidi strategically and frequently removes tokens from circulating supply.

Coming soon…

NFT farming benefits

Stake LIKK token to earn carbon infused NFTs, in collaboration with NFTrade. Be one of the first to hold our themed carbon NFTs and offset your carbon footprint to go net zero!

Priority access

Priority access to Likvidi products like NFTs.