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LIKK Token The Platform Utility Token


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$LIKK Token

LIKK token is the native token of Likvidi Platform. This token uniquely combines blockchain with sustainability initiatives. 

LIKK token usecases



A percentage of the fees from LCO2 carbon credit sales are sent to the “staking reward pool”. By staking your $LIKK, you’re are granted the opportunity to earn rewards from the pool.


RWA Asset Minting

A Portion of every LCO2 carbon credit minted must be paid in LIKK tokens. If you do not own $LIKK, Likvidi will convert the fee of minting by purchasing LIKK from the open market. (To ensure good user experience)



The Likvidi Platform users will be rewarded with LIKK tokens for completing various tasks on the platform.

More utilities will be added as the platform evolves

Launching soon on Arbitrum

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