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LCO2 Liquid Carbon Tokens

LCO2 is a digital asset that is backed by a portfolio of top quality carbon projects that are saving the planet.

LCO2 = 1 tonne of CO2

Portfolio Approach

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Portfolios enable investors to support a diverse range of project types, distributing funds across a broader spectrum of projects.

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Blockchain-based portfolios offer high transparency for underlying carbon credits

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By mitigating risks associated with carbon projects, they also allow investors to make impactful contributions within their budget.

Likvidi Blockchain Scanner makes it easy for anyone to check and understand the status of LCO2 portfolios

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High-quality carbon projects around the world

Mangrove Trees


Reforestation/forest preservation carbon offset projects sequester CO2 emissions from the atmosphere in trees and soil.

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Avoided deforestation is a climate change mitigation strategy that involves preserving existing forests to prevent the release of stored carbon into the atmosphere.



Biochar carbon credits involve offsetting carbon emissions by sequestering carbon in biochar, a stable form of charcoal.

Direct Air Capture


Direct air capture is a technology that extracts carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere for storage or use, helping to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels.

Our Approach

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Portfolio Approach

Each LCO2 carbon token is backed by a portfolio of high-quality carbon credits.

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Diversified & Verified

Included carbon credits are from different sectors and geographic areas to further spread the risk. Credits have to be verified by an approved Registry.

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Third-Party Ratings

LCO2 portfolio carbon credits also need “High-Quality” Rating from one of the reputable third-party rating firms, such as BeZero or Sylvera

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Carbon credits co-benefits are also a selection criteria, as the goal is that LCO2s always cover all 17 United National Sustainable Development Goals

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Portfolio’s data is publicly available on blockchain, including the different project types, vintages, and volumes issued and offsetted

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LCO2 will be the first carbon token to be tradable on Likvidi’s Automated Market Making Swap Exchange (AMMSE) offering 24/7 liquidity 

LCO2 Issuance Flow


Carbon Projects

Different types of carbon projects around the world chosen for Likvidi platform and tokenization


Third-party Ratings

Our algorithm selects the best projects, each required to have a high rating by a third-party rating company



Carbon credits from each projects tokenized on blockchain


LCO2 Pools

Project specific carbon tokens transferred to LCO2 pools which creates high-quality carbon portfolios

LCO2 Issuance Flow

Launching soon on Arbitrum

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