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Origins Collection: 1020 carbonized NFTs dropping on November 28

Head Of Sales



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Andalusia, Spain

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Likvidi is looking for a Head of Sales with expertise and skills in the voluntary carbon credit markets and technology.
The role is a mix of corporate sales, sales management, and sales channel development, including:
  • Expanding the corporate client base for carbon credits and other carbon products
  • Sales marketing and sales channel development
  • Building up and managing the sales team
  • Improving and developing product and service offerings
– Solid understanding of carbon credit markets and fast evolving sustainable finance
– Good communications and management skills as the role is all about contacting, dealing and managing multiple clients and partners on a daily basis
– Keen to learn the ins-and-outs of blockchain technology, crypto-markets and fintech
– Based in European timezones as Likvidi’s main markets are in Europe
– Fluent in English as that is our main business language
About Likvidi:
Likvidi is a sustainable finance company that helps individuals and companies to achieve net-zero carbon footprint with tokenized carbon credits and other innovative carbon products.
Company’s end-to-end platform offers a marketplace, exchange and offsetting so that carbon tokens can be easily bought, traded and offset. First product, Carbon-backed NFT’s are launching on Binance in August 2022.