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Origins Collection: 1020 carbonized NFTs dropping on November 28

LCO2, Liquid Carbon Credits

Sourced from regenerative farming and forests. Each credit is equivalent to one tonne of carbon removed from the atmosphere. Offsetting with LCO2 restores balance to the environment and supports our vital ecosystems.


Carbon credits verified by


Tradable: Web3 compatible, LCO2 can be traded on our СarbonDEX and used on third party DeFi platforms.

CLO2 2

ReFi: LCO2s are blockchain-based nature backed credits sourced from regenerative projects.

CLO2 3

Credit Origin Verifiable: History and authenticity of each LCO2 credit is printed into it for quality assurance.

Coming Q3 2022

Likvidi CarbonDEX

Trade tokenized carbon assets quickly and with minimal fees on Likvidi Decentralized Exchange (DEX) launching on Avalanche blockchain. An advanced trading engine brings high throughput and instant execution.

  • Order book model DEX
  • Non-custodial
  • Built on Avalanche

Advanced technology for scalable supply

LCO2 carbon sequestration data is based on leading edge methods of deep learning applied to satellite and LiDAR data.

Measurement, reporting and verification tools are combined with satellite imaging for transparent results.

Our partners

Carbon is a new asset class on blockchain. Likvidi is your gateway to offset carbon credits.

Become a
Net Zero Hero

We make it easy to offset your annual individual carbon emission with ‘Net Zero Hero’ credit bundles.

  • Offset your carbon footprint by buying & retiring LCO2 credits
  • NFT Certification: receive proof-of-offset certificate
net zero hero