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Origins Collection: 1020 carbonized NFTs dropping soon

The Likvidi

Ambassador Program

Help build an eco-friendly crypto community. Work closely to make our green vision a thing of reality. Elevate yourself in the Likvidi ecosystem by becoming a climate champion.

We’re looking for Leaders, Influencers, Crypto Maniacs, Envrionmental Enthusiasts.

Are you?!....

…a Community leader with the capability to promote us within your group?

… a marketing and content creator who loves building out-of-the-box ideas?

…a student seeking hands-on knowledge of crypto markets and the blockchain space?

then join us!

Win Rewards

We will announce the top 2 ambassadors every month, plus one random winner, to take a share of $1000 prize pool.

Build a name for yourself

Gain real-world experience and build on yourself while helping out the project.

Hall of fame

Take your rightful seat in the Hall of Fame.

Get news first

Get a sneak peek and discuss updates directly with the team.

Become a Climate Champion

help us in our mission to make the #climateSAFU

Grow the Likvidi through community outreach.

Promote Likvidi through AMAs, Twitter spaces and other meeting places.

Amplify Likvidi announcements and events.

Create compelling content like blog posts, documents, walkthroughs & translations.

Complete one-off tasks like creating memes, stickers or other promotional content.

Generate ideas for quizzes and anything else you can think of.

Join our community and be active on: