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Origins Collection: 1020 carbonized NFTs dropping soon

A Hyper Market needs Rapid Clarity.

Millions of credits are traded every year under the Kyoto Protocol or on the voluntary market through Regional carbon credit trading systems across Europe and North America. Here, carbon credits can be bought from projects that have a positive impact on the environment such as regenerative farming or reforestation projects. The credits can then be held as an investment, used to offset carbon emissions or sold to other people who want to reduce their own emissions, either voluntarily or through government imposed compliance.

Through the Carbon credit system, funds are starting to flow from private capital into climate-action initiatives that would not have gotten off the ground otherwise. Whilst these initiatives are helping fund innovation in climate technology and supporting emission reduction projects on the ground, the current system is far from perfect. With the demand for carbon credits expected to grow rapidly, and indeed it must if we are to meet the Paris Agreement of limiting climate change to 1.5% by 2030, the carbon market must prepare for hyper growth.

The Problem with the market today

  • Certification of net-zero emissions: LCO2 can be used to offset your carbon footprint by retiring them (’burning’) to mitigate climate change.
  • Easy lookup of credit origin: Anyone, at any time, can check the history and authenticity of each carbon credit without being a client or a member of a registry.
  • Purchase Instantly: Users can buy and manage LCO2 instantly via the Likvidi Carbon Credit Platform.
  • Tradeable: LCO2 are Web-3 integrated meaning you can freely move them about to trade on decentralized exchanges like the Likvidi Carbon DEX (more about this soon) as well as other prominent DeFi platforms.
  • Audit trail: There is no better way to prove the provenance of carbon credit than an immutable audit record.
  • Global market: Blockchain opens access to the wider global community to buy, sell and offset its carbon emissions, making saving the planet a whole lot easier.
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