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Bringing carbon to crypto

Likvidi Carbon Platform

A green finance platform to trade and manage DeFi compatible tokenized carbon credits. Trade, hold or retire LCO2 for a rapid, positive impact on the planet.

Built on

Carbon credits verified by

Carbon is a new asset class on the blockchain. Likvidi is your gateway to offset carbon credits.

Carbon markets are
a growth sector.

Mark Carney, ex-governor of the
Bank of England calls for

$100 billion

a year carbon offset

Likvidi Carbon Credit
- LCO2

LCO2 is sourced from regenerative farming and forests. Each credit is equivalent to one tonne of carbon removed from the atmosphere. Offsetting with LCO2 restores balance to the environment and supports our vital ecosystems.

Likvidi Token

LIKK is the utility token which powers Likvidi ecosystem.
LIKK offers token holders:

  • Up to 20% bonus carbon credits
  • Staking rewards
  • Priority access to Likvidi products like NFTs
Likvidi contributes to achieving global
sustainability goals
12 RCP
13 CA
15 LL
Become a
Net Zero Hero

We make it easy to offset your annual individual carbon emission with ‘Net Zero Hero’ credit bundles.

Net Zero Heroes are unique NFTs with Verra verified carbon credits inside. Get yours and go net zero for the year.

net zero hero

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