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Dive into a world where your eco-actions earn you rewards on a gamified Web3 platform.

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Are coming to climate finance starting with renewable energy
certificates, carbon credits, and carbon removals

Making the Web3 Space Greener

Our expertise lies in designing and creating sustainable digital assets, complemented by decentralized applications for the efficient management and trading of these assets.

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Our Products

Decentralized Application


With Carbon dApp all users can calculate their carbon footprint including crypto assets, earn points for environmental actions like carbon offsetting and green energy usage and compare their actions to their friends and community

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Blockchain Explorer


Real World Asset Scanner that makes it easy for anyone to check and understand the status of Likvidi issued digital assets like carbon credits and energy certificates.

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Introducing LIKK Utility Token

$LIKK Token

The LIKK Token is the native token of the Likvidi Platform. This token uniquely combines blockchain technology with sustainability initiatives


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What is LIKK used for?

By holding LIKK token, users can access various of benefits.

LCO2 Minting

RWA Asset Minting

A Portion of every LCO2 carbon credit minted must be paid in LIKK tokens. If you do not own $LIKK, Likvidi will convert the fee of minting by purchasing LIKK from the open market. (To ensure good user experience)

LCO2 Minting


A percentage of the fees from LCO2 carbon credit sales are sent to the “staking reward pool”. By staking your $LIKK, you’re are granted the opportunity to earn rewards from the pool.

LCO2 Minting


The Likvidi Platform users will be rewarded with LIKK tokens for completing various tasks on the platform.

LCO2 Carbon Portfolio Token

LCO2 Platform
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Portfolio Approach

Each LCO2 carbon token is backed by a portfolio of high-quality carbon credits.

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Diversified & Verified

Included carbon credits are from different sectors and geographic areas to further spread the risk. Credits have to be verified by an approved Registry.

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Third-Party Ratings

LCO2 portfolio carbon credits also need “High-Quality” Rating from one of the reputable third-party rating firms, such as BeZero or Sylvera

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Carbon credits co-benefits are also a selection criteria, as the goal is that LCO2s always cover all 17 United National Sustainable Development Goals

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Portfolio’s data is publicly available on blockchain, including the different project types, vintages, and volumes issued and offsetted

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LCO2 will be the first carbon token to be tradable on Likvidi’s Automated Market Making Swap Exchange (AMMSE) offering 24/7 liquidity 

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