Liquid, AI-based, high-quality, tokenized carbon credits are coming soon.
DeFi meets Carbon Join the Green DeFi

The opportunity

As we all know, climate change is real and the clock is ticking.
Governments, politicians and corporations have their ideas and agendas.

At Likvidi, we believe that the financial markets will play a much bigger role in getting us to net-zero than many people realise.
We also believe that the big banks will not be the ones to fix this.
We need fresh ideas, new technologies and real doers to replace the fossils, pun intended.

Likvidi wants to be a part of the solution by offering a global platform, ecosystem and products that enables next generation sustainable financial markets to flourish with better transparency, efficiently and profitably.

Liquid Carbon Credits

Liquid Carbon Credits (LCO2) are high-quality, tokenized carbon credits that can be used as an investment instrument or to offset individuals or a company's carbon footprint.

LCO2 tokens belong to the top 5% of the carbon credits as they are directly linked to carbon reduction captured by farmers and forest owners.

With LIKK utility tokens you will get significant fee reductions from LCO2.

Main Features:

1. Direct access:

We have direct, exclusive partnerships to access top-quality regenerative farming and deforestation carbon credits.

2. Next-generation technology:

Our carbon data is based on AI, deep learning and next-generation, very accurate satellite and LIDAR data.

3. Decentralized verification:

We are working with experts and academics to develop new, decentralized, wisdom-of-experts, based methods for the carbon credit verifications.

4. Transparency:

LCO2 tokens metadata includes location coordinates and the time period of the carbon capturing, possible additional ESG benefits and blockchain-based retiring of the used LCO2’s.


Likvidi Kredits - LIKK

Token for carbon credits and green finance

LIKK is a multi-purpose utility token for Likvidi’s sustainable finance ecosystem.

We are going to rollout new token functionalities an ongoing basis starting with a simple, yet very powerful LCO2-Program


When an individual or a company buys LCO2 tokens to offset their carbon footprint, they can get a 50% discount from the fees by burning LIKK. This gives LIKK an intrinsic value on LCO2 launch in Q1.

DeFi Green Bonds

Green bonds are the biggest sector of sustainable finance. The global green bond market has already reached 1 trillion dollars and continues growing in a rapid base.
Green bonds offer investors an opportunity to earn interest by lending money to sustainable projects like solar parks, wind farms and electric vehicle businesses.

Likvidi is bringing these deals to the next generation DeFi with a unique combination of centralized and decentralized finance. Investors around the world can join forces on Defi Green Bond Pools to finance promising sustainable projects while also being able to use these tokenized bond units as collateral on selected DeFi Dapps.

DeFi Green Bonds will launch in Q2 2022. Get updates and early access to the platform by signing up HERE

In partnership with:

The team

Likvidi Team - Ransu Salovaara
Ransu Salovaara
CEO & Founder

Ransu co-founded TokenMarket, a European based blockchain advisory firm that assisted over 30 startups raise a total of 300M USD via token offerings. He also launched Europe’s first exchange traded instrument, BitcoinETI, that was listed on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange and Frankfurt Xetra Exchange. Previously, Ransu worked in financial markets as the head of European trading for Urram Investments in London, focusing on high-yield corporate bonds.

Likvidi Team - Tuomas Siltala
Tuomas Siltala
Founding Partner

Before Likvidi, Tuomas was a Senior VP at Finn Fleet Maritime, chartering a fleet of over 50 bulk ships. He was also a Director at Pareto Securities, a Scandinavian investment bank. Tuomas co-founded an FSA regulated investment bank Privanet Securities Oy and worked as a vice president of Nasdaq/OMX Helsinki Exchanges (options and futures). He has a M.Sc. in Economics.

Likvidi team - Peter Bradley
Peter Bradley
General Counsel, Partner

Peter was formerly a partner for 15 years with Stephenson Harwood, a top City law firm, practising both in London and the Far East. Peter has acted as in-house counsel with a large multiple-family office in Geneva and then with a European VC firm in London. Peter has advised on raising finance (publicly and privately), mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and commercial agreements. Most recently, Peter was an in-house legal adviser to a crypto-currency and blockchain-based fintech company, TokenMarket.

Likvidi team - Junnu Salovaara
Junnu Salovaara
Head of Platform Development

Junnu has 4 years of experience in the blockchain industry including cryptocurrency, digital asset trading and analytics, token issuance, compliance and decentralized finance. He previously worked for TokenMarket and was responsible for onboarding new investors, conducting KYC and AML checks and launching a digital asset exchange for trading blockchain based currencies and securities. Junnu has also worked in consumer advisory for Swedish multinational power company Vattenfall.

Likvidi team - Dzung Le
Dzung Le
Head of Compliance and MLRO

Dzung has 8+ years of experience in international laws, regulatory compliance and corporate finance. She was appointed as Compliance and Public Legal Officer by the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam and served as a point of contact for the Vietnamese Central Authority. Her work contributed to the establishment of the Vietnamese compliance regime, the implementation of the Hague Convention, international standards and domestic laws and regulations in Vietnam. She holds a Master of Laws LLM in Fraud and Financial Crime in the UK and various certificates and qualifications in the legal profession.

Samina Burhani
Associate / Analyst

Samina is a certified Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) by Financial Modeling Institute, and a project & investment analyst holding Level III candidacy in the CFA Program, ACCA experience, and a Bachelor's in Accounting & Finance under her belt. In 2019, she led her team to qualify and represent UAE in the CFA Investment Research Challenge 2019 - MENA regionals in Jordan. She is experienced in project investment, financial analysis, change projects & financial modeling. Prior to joining Likvidi, Samina worked for Marriott International's EMEA continent office (hospitality services), Vida & Co. (fashion & apparel brand), and multiple project finance and consultancy firms like Zeder Group, London Capital, and EXIM Finance. She is currently engaged with the in-depth project and risk analysis for the development of solar energy projects across Europe at Likvidi.

Arseniy Ladusan
Head of Business Development

Arseniy's technology journey started in early 2000s with gaming servers, chat servers and file sharing projects. Over the years being involved and invested in scores of projects and initiatives his expertise extended over Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Software as a Service, Cyber security, FinTech, MarTech, Sustainability and Startup sectors. Arseniy is also on a board of other Sustainability and technology companies focusing on Net-Zero carbon emissions, United Nations SDGs and ESGs.


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