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Expand your carbon credit sales and marketing with us

Likvidi offers a gateway to Carbon Market 3.0

Likvidi has created a new partner program that enables carbon asset owners, such as project managers and financiers, to expand their marketing and sales efforts with tokenized carbon credits and forwards to global buyers.

Our end-to-end service includes all the technology from tokenization to branded Storefront to online payments with instant settlements. More importantly, Likvidi Marketplace has no up-front costs and our job is to make sure that you have the latest technology at all times.

What we offer

Carbon asset tokenization

Tokenization of carbon credits that you want to sell through our blockchain-based Marketplace that is open to retail and institutional buyers


Branded Storefront for your project / company on our Marketplace

No-risk Sales

Instant settlement on blockchain and smart contracts

Carbon Offsetting

Offsetting Station where your clients can offset their carbon footprint using your tokenized carbon credits

Secondary Market Trading

Likvidi Exchange is a decentralized secondary market trading platform for your carbon tokens

Storefront Widget

Increase your direct sales by adding no-hassle storefront widget to your website


Customized, Partner-branded storefront for selling tokenized assets

  • An exclusive page under Marketplace just for partners’ assets and projects
  • Storefront includes stablecoin-based shopping cart
  • No credit risk as we settle instantly
  • Offsetting Station
  • Follow and social media handles
  • Live chat support


Carbon assets

Carbon credits

Can be issued as:

  1. Project specific credits with single underlying asset
  2. Pooled credits with multiple carbon projects in one carbon token

Fully backed by verified carbon credits on 1:1 basis

Once tokenized, they will be added to Likvidi Marketplace

Sold carbon credits will be settled with your account immediately

Issuance either on Ethereum or Polygon

Carbon Forwards

Emission reduction/removal Purchase Agreements from new carbon projects

Once carbon forward has materialized, it will converted to a carbon credit

Can be traded on Likvidi Exchange

Issuance on Ethereum and Polygon


Carbon-yielding NFTs are a new unique combination of digital art, project marketing and real-life utility

Each NFT yields carbon credits for its holder

Yielded carbon credits can be offsetted, gifted or traded

On a secondary market, these NFTs can be traded on Opensea

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Eric Della Casa

Business Development Manager

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