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Market 3.0

The next generation marketplace for the voluntary carbon market.
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With blockchain technology we make carbon markets more:

our Thesis

Offsetting is a must

All of us, individuals and companies, must do more to lower our carbon footprint. Once we have exhausted every possible option to reduce our carbon footprint, the rest should be offsetted with voluntary carbon credits.

Market is set to take off

As carbon credits become a more integral part of the fight against the climate crisis, the carbon market is set to scale substantially over the coming years. We are talking about 10-30x growth by 2030.

Current infrastructure won’t scale

The current market is built on old technology and its infrastructure will soon become obsolete. We need more inclusive, transparent and liquid markets to be able to scale.

Blockchain is the solution

More inclusive (individuals and businesses welcome), more transparent with full history available 24/7 online and more liquid as anyone with internet access can participate.

We accelerate the transition

We help companies with carbon assets to move to this blockchain-powered Carbon Market 3.0 quickly and effortlessly without any upfront investments by becoming our Marketplace Partners. We tokenize, build the Storefront, offer a secondary market exchange and all the other aspects needed for rapid, yet sustainable, scaling for carbon projects and brokers.

Become a Marketplace Partner

If you are a carbon project manager or carbon trading company with high-quality carbon credits, you can now expand your marketing and sales with Likvidi Marketplace by joining our Partner Program. We offer you all the tools to move to this fast growing market without any upfront investments.

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Offset your Carbon Footprint

Are you aiming to be a part of the climate crisis solution? We help businesses and individuals to offset their carbon footprint with high-quality carbon credits issued by our trusted partners.

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